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Open the Doors to Change

Have you ever felt frustrated by recurring illness, struggled unsuccessfully to reach a healthy weight or just can’t seem to get it together? Guess what, I did too!

Thankfully I was able to make some positive changes, first with my attitude and beliefs, then with my body. I felt so good that I decided to share my information with you.

I don’t pretend to have all of the answers and I can’t promise you every single day will be great. But at the very least I can show you how you can have more good days than bad, and I can teach you how to improve the way you feel all the time.
My name is Chris Lee, I’m the Author of “From Frustration to Fulfillment”. As a brain injury survivor and someone who has overcome additions, I empathize with the fact that life can be difficult. I understand what it’s like to experience and overcome adversity. It’s not about creating a better you. You’re already perfect. The truth about you, regardless of your current situation, is that you are magnificent.

Self-discovery, that is, knowledge of self – is a key to creating change in your life.  We all tend to cram or stuff our desires, concerns, wants, fears, past emotional issues because we either don’t know what to do with them or feel that it would cause too much discomfort to address them.

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Why choose me?

It’s simple, I help my clients and members to get positive results. After working hard to create positive results in my own life and in the lives of numerous others, I realized that the most effective implement was to help people to rediscover their true selves. True fulfillment and joy come from knowledge of self.

This is a great group to get one's mind focused in the right positive direction.

– JM, Farmington, MI

Chris is a great facilitator. The discussions are invaluable!

— K.L., Birmingham, MI